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Back To School - Building Rock-Solid Kids

Back To School - Building Rock-Solid Kids

Posted: November 09, 2019

Back To School...

“The best time to fix a leaky roof is when the sun is shining.” -JFK 

Dear Friend, 

I trust this blog finds you well. 

All too often, the value of learning effective self-defense skills is overlooked - until it’s too late. 

You will never regret knowing how to protect yourself. 

I have 3 children; Karina, Kellisa, and Kirkson. 

Their personal safety is my obligation, and truthfully - my obsession. 

However, their ability to protect themselves will eventually become their responsibility. 

I refuse to send my kids to school without a fundamental understanding of self-defense. 

As parents, we all want our children to be sturdy. 

Martial Arts training is a proven method for building courage and compassion. 

We all want our children to have both. 


They Grow Up Fast...

I will not ship my children off to college without having the knowledge, skill, and spirit to protect themselves. 

There is a lot of chatter about bullying, intimidation, and assault. 

These are incredibly serious issues. 

My kids aren’t going to “English 101” their way out of a horrible situation. 

Neither will yours. 

They will need the knowledge to avoid dangerous situations, and the skills to survive a physical assault - if they cannot escape. 


Both of my daughters, Karina and Kellisa, have been through the following “lesson” a countless number of times.

I look forward to sharing this same approach with my son Kirkson. 

Here’s How It Goes...

Me: Okay Karina, one more time. What do you do to the bully's arm when he tries to hurt you?

Karina: I snap it like a twig. Then I tell the teacher to call the nurse. 

Me: Good girl. Then what?

Karina: Then he gets a cast and I get a few days off from school. 

Me: And?

Karina: I don't get picked on and hopefully he stops being a bully. We might even become friends. 

Me: I love you! 

Karina: I love you, too!

Me: Many people want you to believe that you are helpless. They want to convince you that you are incapable of solving your own problems. 

Karina: Why?

Me: Because they think most people are like sheep. 

Karina: Not me, I am not a sheep! 

Me: I know. If you are bullied, or if another kid tries to hurt you, I want you to deal with it. You are not helpless. You are not a damsel in distress. 

Karina: I know. 

Me: Once upon a time, kids actually had fist fights. Problems were settled, and more often than not, friendships were formed. Somewhere along the line, a well meaning group of imbeciles decided that "violence" would not be tolerated. The "experts" decided that fighting back was against the rules. 

Karina: How come?

Me: Because the same experts who want to tranquilize children for playing and being physically active, seem to think it is abnormal for children to defend themselves. 

Karina: That's silly. 

Me: You're right. I believe that kids who develop self-confidence, learn to assert themselves, and handle conflicts with their peers, are not as likely to flip their lids. 

Karina: What does that mean?

Me: It means that helplessness leads to sadness, anger, and eventually rage. When a helpless person experiences rage, they often commit incredible violence. We see it happening more and more. 

Karina: Daddy, can we go outside and climb a tree, before it is against the rules? 

Me: Absolutely. 

Karina: I love you, daddy. 

Me: I love you, too! 


Building Rock-Solid Kids

I cannot in good conscience, delegate the destiny of my children’s personal safety to people who forbid them from defending themselves. 

Lastly, it is unreasonable to expect protection from those who are incapable of protecting themselves.


This is our philosophy. 

If our principles are in line with yours, and you are serious about providing your child with the knowledge and skill to handle a rough situation - particularly when you cannot be there... are cordially invited to bring your child(ren) to our Pearl River location - Thomas Clifford’s Martial Arts - and enjoy a FREE month of classes in September. 

Our program is unique. 

We are going to keep it that way. 

Please send us a private message to schedule a FREE class. 


Thomas Clifford 

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