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A Symbol Of Self-Discovery

Black Belt - A Symbol Of Self-Discovery

Posted: July 09, 2019

Dear Friend,


I trust this blog finds you well.

Most of the people who read our blogs are actively training in the Martial Arts.

If you are not currently training, I encourage you to find a school and enroll.

Don’t miss out.  

After all, everyone wants to become a Black Belt, right? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

The Black Belt is an extraordinarily significant symbol of achievement. 

It is a universally recognized icon of excellence, inside and outside of Martial Arts circles. 

Just about everyone in the modern world has some sort of concept of what or who a Black Belt is. 

The average person tends to equate a Black Belt with superhuman powers. 

That probably sounds as ridiculous to you as it does to me. 

We know better. 

You probably began your journey in the Martial Arts with the intention of developing some specific skills. 

You had a preconceived notion, as vague as it may have been, of the moves you would learn and become good at. 

Over time, you have acquired tremendous knowledge and cultivated outstanding skills. 

But I do not believe that is why you continue to train. 

We begin our Martial Arts odyssey because it fascinates and fulfills us, 

We continue because training provides us with a wealth of introspection. 

Martial Arts practice gives us a chance to discover things about ourselves that are not readily apparent. 

Training first reveals us, and then renews us. 

We have to "pass the iron through the fire to make steel." 

The Dojo is a safe place to find out who we are, and to become who we want to be. 

We start off studying Martial Arts and end up learning about ourselves. 

Think about your own training. 

When you are on the mat, do you feel abundantly aware of yourself physically and mentally? 

Are you incredibly cognizant of your strengths and weaknesses? 

Is your consciousness dramatically heightened? 

Do you gain a sometimes painful, other times pleasant perspective of who you were, who you are, and who you are becoming? 

If your feet are on the training floor, you experience all of this and more. 

This is what Martial Arts offers us. 

Are you accepting it? 

When you put on your Black Belt for the first time, or the next time, it will cause you to raise your self-awareness, increase your consciousness, and remind you of where you were, where you are, and where you are going. 

Don’t miss out.

I look forward to seeing you and your family in class at the Dojo.



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 


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