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A Purpose Driven Diet Plan

Building A Purpose Driven Diet Plan

Posted: February 26, 2019


Dear Friend,


I trust this blog finds you well.

You certainly know how important it is to nourish your body with the right food.  

It is very likely that you also know what kind of food to avoid.

Exercise, including Martial Arts training is certainly beneficial.

However, a nutrient-rich, low carbohydrate diet, will definitely enhance the results you desire.

Remember: You Cannot Out Train A Bad Diet! 

Embracing a proper nutrition plan is a fundamental self-defense skill. 

Diet related illnesses are far more likely to diminish or destroy the quality of our lives, than some bad guy with a knife in a dark alley. 

What we do to ourselves with forks and spoons, is much more dangerous, if not deadly. 

Martial Arts training is a spectacular way to condition our bodies to be physically fit, and a phenomenal method of exercise for optimizing our health. 

Build your Martial Arts skills on top of a solid foundation of sound nutrition. 

A serious training schedule will likely build a demand for a better diet.

Take advantage of it.

You won’t regret it. 

Neither will your loved ones! 

I look forward to seeing you in class at the Dojo.



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 


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