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Faster Than The Speed Of Life

Faster Than The Speed Of Life

Posted: July 09, 2019




Dear Friend,


I trust this blog finds you well. 

We are halfway through 2019, and it is a great time to think about our goals. 

It is the perfect time to actually work toward achieving them! 

Let's go through a process of figuring out where you are, choosing where you want to go, and deciding how you are going to get there. 

We will focus on Martial Arts, but you can apply this system to any area of your life that you genuinely want to improve. 

Let’s narrow our focus to your Karate training. 

Where do you feel that you skill level is right now? 

Use a scale of 1 to 10. 

Make sure that you are measuring your current level of skill to what you believe is your absolute potential. 

In other words, measure you current level against what you believe your personal best (level 10) would be. 

Have high expectations of yourself. 

Do not aim low! 

Imagine that level 6 is where you are right now. 

Level 10 is where you want to go to. 

Now we have to get more specific. 

What exactly must improve, in order to get to level 10? 

Invariably, the Key 3 areas of fitness; strength, flexibility, and endurance, will play a major role. 

For example if you were trying to increase your skill in; Kata, Self Defense, or Weaponry, you should always look at the Key 3 first. 

When it comes to proficiency in Kickboxing, the same holds true. 

Which of the 3 is your best attribute; strength, flexibility, or endurance? 

Which is your weakest? 

Be brutally honest with yourself. 

This process of evaluation will give you an edge. 

Most people never do this. 

It is too painful. 

You know how necessary it is. 

You know how serious you are about getting better. 

That is why I am confident that you will do the diagnostic work. 

Now that you have accurately determined where you are, and where you want to go, it is time to decide how you are going to get there. 

This is the most difficult and exciting part of the process. 

Before you begin to construct your "M.A.P." for how you are going to get there, let's quickly review what we have done. 

General Area of Improvement: Martial Arts

Specific Area of Improvement: Karate 

1. Where are you?  Level 6

2. Where do you want to go?  Level 10

3. How are you going to get there?  You are going to develop a M.A.P.! 

The M.A.P. or Massive Action Plan, is the critical component. 

The first thing that you must ask yourself is, "what am I already doing to help bring me closer to my goal?" 

For example, you are already training. 

You are attending classes on a regular basis. 

You are surrounded by people who support and encourage your progress. 

You have already moved from 0 to 6. 

You are more than halfway to your goal. 

After figuring out how much momentum you already have, you can create your plan. 

Be sure to include the "when, where, and how" details. 

You must also attach deadlines to each major step. 

It takes a lot of energy and effort to build a Massive Action Plan, which is precisely why most people do not ever do it. 

If you need help, or simply want to share your M.A.P. with someone, I would be honored to see what you have put together. 

Make the most of your summer! 

I look forward to seeing you and your family in class at the Dojo!            



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 



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