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What You Really Want

How To Get What You Really Want

Posted: July 12, 2019

Dear Friend,


I trust this blog finds you well.

When it comes to needs, you really don’t have many.

As far as your survival is concerned, it’s food, clothing, and shelter.

In certain climates you could probably put up a very strong argument that clothing is a just a want, rather than a true need.

However, you are well beyond survival.

If you were not, you couldn’t possibly be reading this blog.

Success is what you are after. 

Martial Arts can certainly be used for survival in an assault situation.

Developing self-defense skills is a primary focus of any serious Martial Arts program.

But I suggest that you consider the possibility that the secondary benefits of your training have greater value.

Your practice is rich with universal principles of personal development. 

As your skills improve, your personal standards will naturally increase.

You will want more than the minimum for your time and effort. 

How do you get it? 

Please read on...


Principle of Achievement #2 - Establish Greater Wants


Recognize the dilemma of ‘want’ and ‘have.’ 

It is more beneficial to want what you do not have, than to have what you do not want.  

We are inspired to work for what we want. 

Recognize the tremendous power in deciding what you ‘want.’ 

Then figure out exactly what you ‘need’ to do in order to get it. 

Raise your standards and expectations.

You know how to acquire food, clothing, and shelter. 

Simply apply the same strategies to the manifestation of your loftier goals.

Establish a greater sensitivity to your ‘hunger’, in regard to your unmet wants.

Be abundantly aware of the ‘hot and cold’ feelings pertaining to how close or far you are from your desired results.

Transform your shoulds into musts. 

Martial Arts training serves as an extremely effective template for this process.

Tap into it.

I look forward to seeing you and your family in class at the Dojo! 



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 


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