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The 3 Key Ways To Develop Self-Confidence

The 3 Key Ways To Develop Self-Confidence

Posted: February 26, 2019

“It takes courage to get through the door. Confidence comes from climbing up the stairs.” -Anonymous 


Dear Friend, 


I trust this blog finds you well.

Having self-confidence is a tremendous advantage in every aspect of our lives.

Both courage and confidence are a direct consequence of personal choices.

Everyone is faced with potentially crucial questions everyday:

• Should I or Shouldn’t I?

• Can I or Can’t I?

• Will I or Won’t I? 

How we answer these questions has a domino effect. 

Learning how to make these decisions in the arena of life is certainly practical - and often unbearably painful.

It is advantageous to cultivate the power of strategic decision making and goal setting in a safer, structured, and supportive environment.

The Dojo is the ideal place for building these skills.

Naturally, it is then necessary to test the results - in our lives - outside of the Dojo. 

So, if everyone needs self-confidence in order to live a life of happiness and fulfillment, how is it developed? 

There are 3 ways:

• make and keep promises 

• set and achieve goals

• establish and honor commitments

Simple, but not easy. 

Martial Arts training provides opportunities to exercise all 3 methods, repetitively, until the process becomes a way of life.

The best part is that it works the same exact way for adults!

People who develop self-confidence experience their lives accordingly.

I look forward to seeing you in class at the Dojo. 



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 

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