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The 5 L’s Of Life Mastery

Posted: March 10, 2019

Dear Friend, 


I trust this blog finds you well. 

Please enjoy the following thoughts and ideas.


The 5 L's Of Life Mastery...


1. Live - This is a direct reference to our physical health.

We must cultivate our bodies.

After all, where else are we going to spend the rest of our lives?

Proper dietary practices and a developmental exercise regimen are essential for building a a healthy body.

Can you think of a more healthy and balanced training method than the Martial Arts? 


2. Learn - A healthy body with a weak mind is a tragedy.

What are you doing to build; physical strength, endurance, and flexibility?

The mental equivalents are; memory, focus, and imagination.

There are plenty of ways to develop them.

Martial Arts is an extraordinarily effective approach.

Do you agree? 


3. Laugh - Your emotional health is not essential for your happiness, it is your happiness!

There are a plethora of emotions that we experience as human beings.

However, they all fall under 2 very broad categories; feeling good or feeling bad.

Are you mostly happy, or are you mostly sad.

Try to laugh more than you cry. 


4. Love - A healthy emotional life is filled with happiness, joy, and laughter.

It increases our capacity for love.

We become more lovable, and we become more loving.

We are social beings.

You cannot bring much value to a relationship if you do not understand and apply the power of love.

Do you love your family and friends?

Of course you do.

But love is more than a feeling.

It is the value that you add to the lives of other people. 


5. Leave a Legacy - How do you define your spirit?

It is a large question.

There are many ways to describe it.

I believe that a substantial aspect of our spirit, is what lives on after we die.

In fact, I believe it is what drives us while we are alive.

What impact are you making on the world right now?

What are you really "known" for?

Whatever it is, it is also what you will be remembered for.

If you want to leave a powerful legacy that will out live you, do not procrastinate.

If you are not "known" for what you want to be "remembered" for, it is time to get to work! 


For greater depth on these thoughts, I recommend the work of Dr. Stephen R. Covey. 


I look forward to seeing you and your family in class at the Dojo.



Kyoshi Thomas Clifford 

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