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Walking The Line

Walking The Line

Posted: April 21, 2019

Dear Friend,


I trust this blog finds you well.

Are you enjoying and embracing the challenges of your classes? 

Sometimes I really don't feel like training...

Can you appreciate that? 

Guess what? 

I usually feel better when I am training, and I always feel better when the session is complete.

Training in the Martial Arts; often feels good, is good for me, is good for others, and I sincerely believe - serves the greater good. 

Sometimes Martial Arts training; doesn't feel so good, is still good for me, is still good for others, and still serves the greater good. 

What is your "2020 Vision?" 

I am not asking about your eyesight. 

What vision do you have for your life in the next 3 years? 

The quality of our lives; our health, our happiness, and our fulfillment, is largely a function of our decisions. 

There are plenty of easy decisions. 

All of us have those covered, right? 

It's the tough ones that require a lot of foresight and some grit. 

Over 35 years ago, my first instructor, Master R. Prett, shared his decision making strategy with me.

Are you ready for it? 

Here it is... 

He said, "When you have a difficult decision to make, get in your time machine, and take a look at the future consequences of your choices.

Make your decisions based on that perspective."

I said, "But I don't have a time machine." 

He answered, "Your imagination is the most powerful time machine in existence." 

I said, "I really never thought about that." 

He replied, "Yes, I know. That's the problem." 

Allow me to jolt you a bit. 

The first image above is me in the past. 

I am no longer the person who you see in that picture.

That time is past, and that person is gone. 

I am only who I am at this moment, as I thumb these words on this screen. 

The time machine of my memory, along with some pictures, allows us to appreciate the past. 

That second image is called a possibility. 

I stumbled across it on the web, and it immediately caught my eye.

Believe it or not, it really isn’t me. 

However, it is exactly how I see myself, in 2020, if I subordinate my values to my moods, and make poor choices. 

If you don't believe that I could transform myself into the "Thomas Clifford" in the recliner, stuffing his face, and destroying his health and self-worth, you are in denial. 

Guess what? 

If you were to get in your time machine, and consider the consequences of your choices, you may be shocked. 

Give it try. 

What does your future you look and feel like? 

Will you choose to train?

I look forward to seeing you and your family in class at the Dojo! 


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